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they’ve already released “Fireproof" from "Four" and I’m still not over the zarry duet in Something Great

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little mix music videos  + color palette

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waking up every day in fear that one direction might have done something while you were asleep

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when the two characters you ship more than anything stand next to each other in official art


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"This Life Of Sin" - A Zarry Bonnie & Clyde AU PART 4 →


"This Life Of Sin" - by thisonegoes - Bonnie & Clyde AU - PART 4

"But see, I feel like we should talk. You and me. Because Zayn Malik, maybe you haven’t heard, but there’s been a string of armed robberies across Texas… Do you have anything to tell me, son?"

Rating: Explicit

Words total (so far): 53,003

PART 4 of 5

"People go crazy when it’s hot. They get restless. Anxious."

Bonnie & Clyde AU where Zayn and Harry chase the heat as they work their way across Texas, taking what they want, because they can.

Because they’re good at it.


So what do you think about the ending? I’d love to hear.

This is 4/5 because I plan on doing a VERY short epilogue soon.

Also, in case the edit by babyxnanas throws anyone off, I always try to stay away from certain tropes (no good, bad boy Zayn is so overdone). So keep in mind, Zayn is a hero in this story, not a villain or an asshole. Promise.

Leave me ao3 comments and tell me what you think…

i haven’t read this yet because i’m waiting for the epilogue but i am so screamingly embarrassingly excited about this fic. IT SOUNDS SO WONDERFUL. IT WILL BE WONDERFUL. 

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why do people say mean things about harry he crossed his eyes to look at a bubble look how cute he is 


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❤ ♥ The Bae, Queen Lee ❤ ♥ 


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